This is very good, well done! :)

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Tim Minchin’s Nine Life Lessons - [x]

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Canvas Bags

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nietzschemvmnt: Just wanted to ask you what your favorite Minchin song was? Thanks

It’s super hard for me to pick a favourite Minchin song because I love them all equally and for different reasons. The one that I find myself humming most often is ‘If You Really Loved Me’, but the ones that make me cry are ‘White Wine in the Sun’ or ‘Not Perfect’, because they hit me on a more emotional level definitely.

Thanks for asking :)

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Hi there.

I’ve been noticeably absent for quite a long time on this blog, for a multitude of reasons, one of the main being that my laptop died and I was without a computer for nearly a year, causing me to be unable to properly update this blog and/or make gifs.

HOWEVER. I have a new flashy laptop, which means I can keep up to date with this blog now. A side note to this is that I have lost literally all my files on Tim’s shows, concerts, photos and gifs, which means I’ll have to start from scratch. But I’ll try to.

So, there we have it. Let’s get back to Tim.

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